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Set lists from the shows in St.Petersburg & Moscow

21.10.2011, Kingdom Come in Saint Petersburg:

0. Two Legged Sheep - intro (Ain't Crying For The Moon 2006)
1. Should I (Rendered Waters 2011 | Hands Of Time 1991)
2. Can't Deny (Rendered Waters 2011 | Hands Of Time 1991)
3. The Wind (Rendered Waters 2011 | In Your Face 1989)
4. Seventeen (Rendered Waters 2011 | Kingdom Come 1988)
5. I've Been Trying (Rendered Waters 2011 | In Your Face 1989)
6. Only Rainbows Know (Master Seven 1997)
7. Get It On (Rendered Waters 2011 | Kingdom Come 1988)

Acoustic set:
8. Forever (Acoustic - Independent 2002)
9. Can't Let Go (Director's Cut) (Master Seven 1997)
10. What Love Can Be (Acoustic - Kingdom Come 1988)

11. Is It Fair Enough (Rendered Waters 2011)
12. Mother (Independent 2002)
13. Stargazer (In Your Face 1989)
14. Pushing Hard (Rendered Waters 2011 | Kingdom Come 1988)

Encore 1:
15. Twilight Cruiser (Twilight Cruiser 1995)
16. Gotta Move Now (Perpetual 2004)
17. Always On The Run (Twilight Cruiser 1995)

Encore 2:
18. Do You Like It (In Your Face 1989)
19. Living Out Of Touch (Rendered Waters 2011 | Kingdom Come 1988)

Blue Trees was planned to play from the new album...
The set list from Moscow is the same, except instead of Is It Fair Enough was Slow Down.

Video & pictures from the shows

We're collecting and updating videos & pictures from the recent Kingdom Come shows now.

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The big changes

It has been over ten years since the start of the project Kingdom Come Russian Pages. During this time, a lot of interesting things happened, funny and sometimes sad. A couple of years ago, a few members of this forum on this site have been divided into 2 parts, quarreled and went in different directions. Although each coin has two sides - a second major fan site of Kingdom Come appeared in RuNet - (now this link will take you here).

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Site updates

The page "Fan cover versions" is updated.

Have you already heard What Love Can Be - acoustic version, en Español??? Surprised Check here!

Kingdom Come in Russia

Kingdom Come in Russia:

October 21st - St. Petersburg, Lensovieta Hall

October 22st - Moscow, Arena Club

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