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New video from an archive

Watch a short videoclip from the autograph session in the shop "Diez" in Saint Petersburg (Russia) during the first Kingdom Come Russian tour in 2006.


Thanks to Nikita Pastushenko for this video and to Valery Ostapenko!

New pictures from the Russian show

Check out some great pictures by Elena Blednykh in our touring gallery!

Interview with Lenny Wolf by MTV in 1991

Lenny Wolf from Kingdom Come tells about his new record "Hands Of Time" as his first very personal statement, about the band's split up, its reasons and his feelings about that; Lenny also shares some secrets of his vocal technics!
There is also a video clip for the golden hit "Should I" and its presentation.

Check this out HERE!

Kingdom Come will play at the "Masters of Rock Festival"

According to the official site Kingdom Come will play at the "Masters of Rock Festival" in Czech Republic

Date Place Venue
November 26th Zlin Winter Stadium of Ludek Cajka

More Info

Living Out Of Touch by TAE ROCK!

We're happy to present one of the most favourite songs from Kingdom Come "Living Out Of Touch" by TAE ROCK!

Check out Fan-Art! Cool

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