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Video interview with Kingdom Come! Lenny Wolf and Nader Rahy

Please, feel free to share this video with your friends in spirit. :)

Kingdom Come will play in Netherlands (Kerkrade) on 28 January 2012

KINGDOM COME + AXXIS + HUMAN ZOO + ROUGH SILK will play at the GERMAN METAL MEETING Pt. V at The Rock Temple on 28 January 2012!

Click here for more details.

Touring gallery update

See the Touring gallery updates: Kingdom Come European tour 2009 and Global East Open Air Festival (Aug 1st 2009).

The Forum is opened

We're finally ready to open our Forum. I hope it'll be useful Cool Login or register here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"Masters of Rock" photo update

The new pictures from the festival "Masters of Rock" in Zlin are added to our touring gallery.

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