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The big changes

It has been over ten years since the start of the project Kingdom Come Russian Pages. During this time, a lot of interesting things happened, funny and sometimes sad. A couple of years ago, a few members of this forum on this site have been divided into 2 parts, quarreled and went in different directions. Although each coin has two sides - a second major fan site of Kingdom Come appeared in RuNet - (now this link will take you here).

It took some time for us to grow up a bit and to come to a simple conclusion - it is better to promote and to support one of our favorite rock bands  together than apart. So from now these addresses and are united! As you can see, the design of the engine and everything else is completely changed - it's a collaborative effort of several people, who are highly revered the music of Kingdom Come.

Then there is a bilingual system, RSS, the registration using OpenID accounts, Facebook, and heaps of other services. We don't have a Forum yet. In the near future (we hope) we will open a "Forum museum", where you can find the "frozen" version of the both forums.

Speaking of the news: now you can follow Kingdom Come Russian Pages on Twitter. Our account - @ KingdomCome_RU
Welcome to the new unofficial Kingdom Come website!

P.S. As you know, the site's moving is a half fire. Most likely there are still minor bugs and annoying flaws on our site. If you run into these - write a comment directly on this news - we'll fix it.

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