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Reply to Russian tour cancellation

Below you'll find an official message from Kingdom Come concerning the Russian tour which had to be organized by the Russian concert agency  and which Kingdom Come had to cancel, after that this agency started to blame Lenny Wolf, the frontman, and spread the incorrect things.

Dear fans and friends of Kingdom Come, and whomever this may concern!

Again, we’re very disappointed having to cancel the shows in Russia. Now that we have learned that the Russian promoter is spreading lots of false information over the www, we felt it would be good to give you a short statement from us.

Please understand that we can not give out contractual details, but here is the bottom line:

1.  The Russian promoter has breached the contract on 3 different occasions.

2.  Still, we tried very hard to make this work, and were hoping for a solution for over 8 weeks. But after countless emails with senseless excuses, we have simply lost all basis for a trustworthy partnership.

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"Unfinished business", Kingdom Come REUNION

This is finally happening!

The original line up from 1987 is going to rock the world once again in the middle of 2014!!!

kingdom come reunion

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Video Premiere Watch Here!! "God Does Not Sing Our Song"

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The new album samples listen online

You can listen to the new album samples HERE.

Listen to the new single online!

"God Doesn't Sing Our Song" from "Outlier". LISTEN NOW!

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