"Ain't Crying For The Moon" (2006) reviews

Lenny Wolf strikes back with a new Kingdom Come album, this is more of a soloalbum from Lenny where he has done most of the work by himself with a little help from various unknown musicians. I really like Lenny's two albums with Stone Fury that I think is great AOR/MHR albums and the first 4 albums with Kingdom Come are good stuff. But after Bad Image (1993) I have lost my faith in K.C and the following albums has been pretty weak and boring, he has never managed to come up with enough strong songs in the same quality we saw on the first K.C albums. But on "Ain't Crying For The Moon" he has tried to supply strong melodies with hooks with an Ok result on a couple tracks, but out of the 13 tracks I feel that there are way too many fillers that passes by without notice.

Sure, if you dig the last album "Perpetual" - then you will have a nice time with this album, even if this is the heaviest album K.C has released.

Like I said, Lenny has managed to write a few songs that are worth to be mentioned, just listen to the over 8 minute title track which is a true epic rocker that brings back memories to the early albums, fantastic song. "Friends In Spirit" is a great melodic rocker with a strong chorus, the dark rocker "Darkroom" is very nice.

Lenny has also done a new version of "Get It On" that closes the album, great song but do we need a new version? A step forward from the previous albums but still not enough to satisfy my wants.

Reviewer Juha Harjula (Staff)