"Independent" (2002) reviews

It's funny how things comes back like cycles, many bands returns to their sound in the beginnings. And so do Lenny Wolf with his Kingdom Come, it's his 8th album under that name but for those who remember his works before that know about the 2 great Stone Fury albums he did with Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child).

As a matter of fact so does this new album sound a bit like Stone fury at some moments and also the magnificent third K.C record "Hands of time" which is a bit progressive!

The first self titled and the 2nd "In your face" sounded just too much Led Zeppelin for me to enjoy and after "Hands of time" Lenny and Kingdom Come went beeing too normal hard rock and didn't satisfy me at all. Now he is on his own performing the whole record and I must say the result is quickening!

Halleluja,the wolf man strikes again. Take "Mother" or "Do you care" for example, if somebody should say they were outcasts from the 2nd Stone Fury album "Let them talk"....I wouldn't argue! "Didn't understand" is a great typical Lenny Wolf tune st the way I want him to sound, lots of progressive vibes all over it and the atmosphere it brings while listening is moving!

This is his 2nd best album after Hands of time for sure. The only track that sucks is "Easy talking hardline" which is mighty dreadful with a crappy melody but it's at the end of the record and you just push the replay button and take "Independent" from the start, jumping over that awful song and then it's perfectly alright! Well, what can I say....some do surprise once in a while! Go Lenny Go!

by Kaj Roth (Staff)