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Many Different Hearts Beating

Kingdom Come are one of the most unique bands in heavy music. Their works defy classification – neither critics nor musicians themselves are able to put them in a specific genre. The one to blame for that is, of course, Lenny Wolf, the band’s founder, main songwriter and irreplaceable frontman. It’s been two years since the last Kingdom Come album saw the light of (or even four years, if we do not count a compilation, even with a few....

Рецензии на "Outlier"

Слава и богатство никогда не имели особого значения для главного вдохновителя Kingdom Come гера Ленни Вольфа. Все более чем 30 лет, в течение которых он являлся основным художником хард-рока, его основным желанием было продолжать развиваться. Его кредо всегда было: честность перед коммерческими соображениями. «Естественно, нет никого счастливее меня, ведь мою музыку боготворят столько поклонников, – говорит он, – но даже этот аспект ....

Interview with Lenny. May 2013

Kingdom Come’s 1988 debut album made them a household name internationally. With a catchy, commercial appeal and a similarity to the heavy blues of Led Zeppelin, the band immediately shot to the top (the single “Get It On” was a radio darling for quite some time). But with quick stardom comes envious peers and sharp critics. Vocalist Lenny Wolf took the critiques in stride and has persevered, as he has turned Kingdom Come into a long....

"Outlier" review by Powerplay May 2013

Back in 1988, Kingdom Come came out of nowhere and nil hard with their debut. Fans, MTV, and radio loved it, but many critics hated it. The world was looking for the next Led Zeppelin and Kingdom Come was it. They, unabashedly, look Page's rhythms, Bonham's drum patterns, and Plant's vocal inflections and made them their own. The band and album soared lo incomprehensible heights in a very short period of time. However, as ....

"Outlier" (2013) reviews

Of all the characters to emerge in the ongoing soap opera that is the hard rock world in
 the last three decades, few are more enigmatic
 or harder to pigeonhole than Lenny Wolf. His
 Robert Plant infused voice first hit international
 radar screens with Stone Fury in the mid 80s; 
their brief two album tenure - 'Burns Like A
Star' in '84 and 'Let Them Ta....

Blowin’ Wind With Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come, March 2011

Kingdom Come might be a name you remember from the past. They put out two albums in the US that charted well for them and spawned hit singles like “Get It On”, “What Love Can Be” and “Do You Like It?” Very few may know that For well over 20 years, Lenny Wolf has been releasing music with his band Kingdom Come for well over 20 years. Lenny Wolf still manages to bring his creative vision to life releasing some amazing albums such as “H....

Kingdom Come | Led Zeppelin - Myths & Facts

I guess these are the most known and still unexploded myths about Kingdom Come...

MYTH: In one of their first big interviews the band Kingdom Come have said that they have never heard Led Zeppelin!

FACT: In fact, it was a cut from a Danny Stag's phrase (lead guitar), when the band was asked for a thousand time about the Led Zeppelin "cloning" he couldn't stand anymore and started kidding, saing "Oh, no! Not this q....

File-O-Facts: Lenny Wolf
 of Kingdom Come

Name: Lenny Wolf
. Star sign: Pisces - Rising sign: Sagittarius
. Place of birth: Hamburg-Germany
. Now based at: Hamburg - and still a little LA
. Level of education: below average - street wise;-)

First instrument played: Accordion
. Current instrument: Vocal, rhythm guitar, bass, little keyboard. Last venue played at: Rock festival in Sweden
. Last gig attended: Rock festival in Sweden

Turn On: L....

"Ain't Crying For The Moon" (2006) reviews

Lenny Wolf strikes back with a new Kingdom Come album, this is more of a soloalbum from Lenny where he has done most of the work by himself with a little help from various unknown musicians. I really like Lenny's two albums with Stone Fury that I think is great AOR/MHR albums and the first 4 albums with Kingdom Come are good stuff. But after Bad Image (1993) I have lost my faith in K.C and the following albums has been pretty w....

"Magnified" (2009) reviews

When I listen to Kingdom Come's latest release Magnified, I can't help but feel this is how Steelheart's last album should have sounded. Both CDs are far removed from the band's original days, but in the case of Kingdom Come vocalist Lenny Wolf hasn't changed a bit. His voice isn't hidden in distortion and overdubs, and even though the music itself has 'matured', at least fans can still relate to that voice. That simple fact mak....

"Independent" (2002) reviews

It's funny how things comes back like cycles, many bands returns to their sound in the beginnings. And so do Lenny Wolf with his Kingdom Come, it's his 8th album under that name but for those who remember his works before that know about the 2 great Stone Fury albums he did with Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child).

As a matter of fact so does this new album sound a bit like Stone fury at some moments and also the magnificent thi....

Interview with Lenny Wolf, may 2011

Back in 1988 and soon after a young German rocker moved to LA to pursue his musical ambitions, Lenny Wolf achieved his dream when the debut album of his new band Kingdom Come reached platinum status. The comparisons with Led Zeppelin were inevitable and in the end, this lead to the band's demise years Joter. Returning to his hometown of Hamburg, Lenny has not surrendered and still waves the Kingdom Come flag, releasing albums and pla....

"Perpetual" (2004) reviews

Let’s be brutal: Kingdom Come blew their career 16 years ago, with the release of their self-titled debut album, and misfiring marketing campaign that saw the band alienate so many rock fans in America and Britain.

A musical tragedy, because while that controversial first record mimicked Led Zeppelin to the point of plagiarism, subsequently they’ve developed, refined and embellished their style to the point where they’ve hard....

Interview with Lenny Wolf by Classic Rock, 2007

Ten albums on from their debut, and now a very different band, but the ‘Led clones’ millstone still hangs round their neck.

If truth be told, Kingdom Come committed musical suicide a long time ago; in 1988, to be precise, when their self-titled debut album was sent to American radio stations, attached to a rumour that this was Led Zeppelin secretly back together. Compounding that ‘felony’, the band amazingly denied there was ....

"Too" (2000) review by Classic Rock

The hard rock world never really forgave Kingdom Come for their opportunistic attempt at ransacking the Led Zeppelin legacy during the late 1980s. But the group's sole remaining member, vocalist Lenny Wolf, refuses to throw in the towel and still enjoys moderate success in his native Germany.

While 1989's 'In Your Face' opus has stood the test of time astonishingly well, that album and the group's eponymous debut were the pla....

"Rendered Waters" (2011) reviews

When you think to back in the day and remember bands that made an impact right from the start with kick-ass music and stunning vocals, one band comes to mind and that is KINGDOM COME. Yeah, you heard the claims they are LED ZEPPELIN clones but people found out differently as time went by. Ever since that self-titled debut in 1988 fans still to this day go back to that release and reminisce. With many releases under their belt s....

Exclusive Interview to our site

Hello everybody who can hear us!

Today we're happy to talk with a real genius, outstanding man, who doesn't do the same again & again, he's always growing up, not following to the trends. His self development is more important to him than a commercial success. With a man who's faithfully on his Mission during the years... He shares a part of him with us. He shares his deepest feelings and emotions, his wise ....

Lenny Wolf's biography

I was born March 11, 1962 in Hamburg, Germany. The day I was born, the city experienced a catastrophe - a huge flood in Hamburg.

I went to several public schools in Hamburg, since nobody wanted to keep an eye on me ( I wonder why ) and was finally put into a school for difficult children when I was 14 years old. The good thing about it was that they really supported my need to play the guitar, to keep me cool. My first instru....

Full in bloom, April 4th, 2009

FIB MUSIC:  What's new? Tell us about the new album. When can we expect to see you touring?

Lenny:  Don't really like talking much about music. It's something you should "listen" too. But it surely is another growing step for me, in regards of combining sounds and building a bridge between the 80's and 2009. I think Kingdom Come has developed a unique approach of writing. Not doing the same thing over and over again, and taki....

Kingdom Come History

In 1988, after having been signed to Polygram Records, New York by Derek Shulman, Lenny Wolf and his manager Marty Wolff (no relation), were asked to put a new band together. The players he chose for his new band were: James Kottak on drums, Danny Stag on lead guitar, Rick Steier on rhythm guitar and Johnny B.Frank on the bass guitar (for more background see Lenny Wolf Biography).

A very lucky event happened when Lenny ....

"Rendered Waters" (2011) reviews

When you think to back in the day and remember bands that made an impact right from the start with kick-ass music and stunning vocals, one band comes to mind and that is KINGDOM COME. Yeah, you heard the claims they are LED ZEPPELIN clones but people found out differently as time went by. Ever since that self-titled debut in 1988 fans still to this day go back to that release and reminisce. With many releases under their belt since then KINGDOM COME return in 2011 with their new offering “Rendered Waters” which includes eight older and three newly-recorded songs. All eleven tracks were cut at Lenny's Two Square Noise Factory Studio in Hamburg, Germany. At first thought you would think this is just a compilation album but to the contrary, the eight past tracks are newly recorded with an updated feel of today’s music. One thing for sure if you only listened to the first couple releases by the band and thought their time has past, you’re completely wrong. “Rendered Waters” completely smokes and what I like most is that lead vocalist and founder Lenny Wolf did not cherry-pick hit songs but he went to the well and rejuvenated tunes that could have been forgotten by past by fans.

The CD opens with “Can´t Deny” and captures the atmospheric vibe that many artists look for. Wolf is so amazing that chills run down your neck. It’s hard to believe that some fans lost track of a phenomenal vocalist like Wolf. The guitar on “Can’t Deny” by Eric Förster shreds with astounding presence. Once music lovers hear the newly record material, new and old fans will flock with enjoyment and bring new excitement to KINGDOM COME. I’m going to tell you I am one who was a fan of that first release and moved on after that but to tell you the truth these tracks to me are fresh and the sound and production blows me away.

Next up is “The Wind” another track that’s off the hook and truly shines. If you like classic rock with a bit of spice “Rendered Waters” will set fire to your ears. Track after track explodes with exciting guitar work and vocally, Wolf is stunning.

You want a brand new track? Well here it comes in the form of “Blue Trees”. Now if you think there is a change in direction or thought this could have been a track from the past how can you differ the past tracks on “Rendered Waters” to the brand new tracks? That’s what happens when you have top-notch musicians and writers in a band. New or old the songs kick ass and have a fresh sound. Check out “Should I”, its amazing! You’ve got to sit back and enjoy these tracks and think, man I miss those past days when music like this was king. So many bands wish they could scratch the surface of a release like “Rendered Waters”. With elements of LED ZEPPELIN and PINK FLOYD this will undeniably put KINGDOM COME back on the map if there is any justice.

With a heavier tone “Pushing Hard” takes KINGDOM COME to another level and the astounding vocals by Wolf once again tear it up. Check out the guitar work and bass lines, which are sultry yet powerful. I just love it!

“Is It Fair Enough” is another brand new track that moves away from the typical KINGDOM COME style. The song meshes different guitar techniques and has a softer tone at times yet jams to a classical guitar vibe and I liked the changing style. The third brand new track “Don`t Remember” was my favorite because it really shows Wolf's vocals at his best and once again KINGDOM COME as a unit will shine.

You gotta pick this gem up. It’s killer!

by Brian Rademacher at (Posted on by Dave Takas)



"'… after so many years, it's a letdown to have a new album simply be remastering of old material.'"

Kingdom Come was a band that appeared on the scene in the late 80’s, when hair metal was already on its way out. But their familiar glam styled guitar riffs and high pitched shrieks garnered them lots of radio play and a good fan base. Though they never made it to any Top 10 Hair Metal Bands list, their music wasn't much different than that being produced by the big names of the genre. Then suddenly grunge took over the music scene, and bands like Kingdom Come virtually disappeared. Now the band is back with a new album called "Rendered Waters," though most of the tracks aren't really new.

There are only three new songs on "Rendered Waters." The rest of the tracks are revisited, and though they pretty much stick to the same formula as the original versions, there are slight variations. In some cases this is good, and in some it's not so good, but after so many years, it's a letdown to have a new album simply be remastering of old material. Greatest Hits albums are fine, and new material is fine, but as the saying goes, if it ain't broke don’t fix it, and for the most part Kingdom Come's original songs weren't broken.

In the case of the opener "Can’t Deny," the changes are for the better. The intro is longer than the original, though they cut out some of the repetition found in the original song. The tempo still remains about the same, and while in the 80’s this was perceived as upbeat, by today's standards it seems a bit slow. Still, Lenny Wolf's vocals on this one are strong.

The first new song, "Blue Trees," is really nothing special. It's standard glam metal with heavy riffs, but it's also the shortest track. The band didn't pack much punch in this brief amount of time. The next track, "Should I," has some nice sleazy guitar and bass work in the intro, but quickly falls into sounding like something off a Dio tribute album. For some fans this is really good, but since the goal of the band was to make their songs sound more relevant, I think they may have failed.

I do like the new track "Is It Fair Enough." The minor chords give it a depth lacking in the other songs, and though the tempo is slower, the guitar breakdown is pretty impressive without relying too much on hair metal shred techniques. Admittedly, Wolf's vocals are a bit strained on this track, but you do have to give a band certain allowances after 20 years. The followup track is an improved version of "Living Out Of Touch," and though there aren't many changes, Eric Foerster's guitar work is heavier. This is a good southern rock, sleazy track that meshes some of the traditional sounds of hair metal with a little heavier, more modern sound.

The closing track is "Break Down The Wall," and those who still like glam metal will love this as an album closer. It's unapologetic hair metal at its best, with a mid-level, sing along tempo, wailing vocals, and an overall feel that's a mix of Van Halen and Cheap Trick. This is probably the best track on the album, and an excellent choice as closer.

When it's all said and done, Kingdom Come has released an album in "Rendered Waters" that is enjoyable. Most of the tracks are a good listen, but the decision to rework old material rather than focusing on new may leave a lot of listeners in the cold.

Highs: There aren't any bad tracks, and the guitar work, though still glam in style, is heavier than the original versions of most of the songs.

Lows: The decision to re-release old songs and modify them rather than offer new material seems unwise.

Bottom line: Kingdom Come revisits old tracks and offers a few new samplings, but fans of the hair metal act may not be keen about their favorite tunes being modified.

Reviewed by Eccentricity on June 23, 2011

Kingdom Come – Rendered Waters
Release Date: April 5th in North America
Highlights: Can’t Deny, Should I, Seventeen, I’ve Been Trying So Hard, Break Down The Walls

Back in 1988, Kingdom Come pretty much came out of nowhere with their self titled debut album that boasted two hit singles, “Get It On” and “What Love Can Be.” I remember hearing “Get It On” on the radio thinking that it was some new Robert Plant tune. Unfortunately, this stigmata of sounding like the mighty Led Zeppelin was something that seemed to haunt the band and become a black cloud over them. I just couldn’t understand why people couldn’t see through the smoke and see that Lenny Wolf was a really amazing songwriter in his own right. People seemed to spend more time ragging on these guys for sounding like Zeppelin than actually listening to the songs. The songwriting was spectacular and the delivery of these song was nothing short of face melting but again, instead of hearing the songs, they heard the influences and pegged them as “Kingdom Clone.” Hell, I’d rather a band sound like Zeppelin than a band that sounds like LA Guns any day.

Not many know that Lenny has been consistently releasing albums as Kingdom Come that unfortunately have fallen upon deaf ears here in America. 23 years later, Lenny Wolf and Kingdom Come will release a brand new album “Rendered Waters” and I couldn’t wait do feast my ears upon this one. “Rendered Waters” is a collection of brand new material and some re-recorded material as well. My guess is that Lenny wanted to give some of these classic Kingdom Come songs a breath of new life and what a life these songs have. The album opens with “Can’t Deny” which originally appeared on 1991′s “Hands of Time” and this song is so melodic and heavy that I was so blown away. Wolf’s voice still possess that Robert Plant like quality to it and has aged really well but the songwriting is the strength there. “The Wind” is a crunchy piece of awesomeness that sounds more classic metal than Zeppelin while “Should I” sounds more like that classic Kingdom Come that could have been on their debut. This re-recorded version, much like “Can’t Deny” breathes a whole new life into the song giving it more punch and attitude than the previous version. This song is without a doubt one of Kingdom Come’s greatest moments.

The remakes on the album all seem to have captured a new energy that totally makes them sound as if they are brand new songs. I really love the fact that songs like “Seventeen”, “Living Out Of Touch” and “I’ve Been Trying Hard” all sound like new songs yet still capture the essence of Lenny’s vision for what Kingdom Come is as a band. As I said before, the strength to these songs is the songwriting. The new material on this album like “Break Down The Walls” and “Is It Fair Enough” show that this band is far from out of ideas. These songs are so strong that while they stand on their own, they go very comfortably beside the classic Kingdom Come songs. Melodic, inspired and full of passion is the best way I can describe the closing track “Break Down The Wall.” It left me wanting more.

It seems that over the years Kingdom Come lost a lot of the Led Zeppelin influence that they were so known for. Instead if that being the main ingredient in the pot, other influences such as Pink Floyd, The Doors and even some classic metal like Rainbow has been added to the mixture creating a goulash of rock and roll awesomeness. “Rendered Waters” is a testament of just where Lenny Wolf and Kingdom Come are as a band.

This band is very much alive and still capable of creating some of the best rock and roll music you’ll never hear. Trust me on this one y’all. “Rendered Waters” is totally worth diving into. Dive in and swim around a bit. You’ll be swept away.

*This review belongs to the great southern brainfart

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