Kingdom Come | Led Zeppelin - Myths & Facts

I guess these are the most known and still unexploded myths about Kingdom Come...

MYTH: In one of their first big interviews the band Kingdom Come have said that they have never heard Led Zeppelin!

FACT: In fact, it was a cut from a Danny Stag's phrase (lead guitar), when the band was asked for a thousand time about the Led Zeppelin "cloning" he couldn't stand anymore and started kidding, saing "Oh, no! Not this question again! Who's Jimmy Page?.." - not the best joke, but just a joke! Who can still believe that and take it seriously? Come on!

MYTH: Led Zeppelin was at law with Kingdom Come for a stealing their image and won that case.

FACT: Nobody ever was at law with Kingdom Come.

MYTH: Metallica called Kingdom Come as "Condom Kings".

FACT: This was a buddy joke, no hate :)