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Lenny Wolf

Lenny Wolf

Vocal, guitar

PLACE OF BIRTH: Hamburg, Germany. ZODIAC SIGN: Piscies. FIRST INSTRUMENT: The accordeon. Dreaming to be a bavarian folk star, until hearing the Beatles. WITH KC SINCE: Formed the band in 1987.…

Eric Foerster

Eric Foerster

Solo guitar

PLACE OF BIRTH: On a cold december day in Hamburg, Germany. ZODIAC SIGN: Saggitarius FIRST INSTRUMENT: Violin (though people say it did not sound like one, when I played it) . Got a…

Frank Binke

Frank Binke


PLACE OF BIRTH: Görlitz- former East Germany. ZODIAC SIGN: Leo. FIRST INSTRUMENT: Hammering the bass guitar at the age of 12 after having heard MOTÖRHEAD!! WITH KC SINCE: 2000, left 2001 for…

Nader Rahy

Nader Rahy


PLACE OF BIRTH: Berlin / Germany. ZODIAC SIGN: Aries. FIRST INSTRUMENT: Drums at age of 12. WITH KC SINCE: 2011. FAVORITE KC SONGS: "Get It On", "What Love Can Be" MUSICAL…

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Lenny Wolf's biography

I was born March 11, 1962 in Hamburg, Germany. The day I was born, the city experienced a catastrophe - a huge flood in Hamburg.

I went to several public schools in Hamburg, since nobody wanted to keep an eye on me ( I wonder why ) and was finally put into a school for difficult children when I was 14 years old. The good thing about it was that they really supported my need to play the guitar, to keep me cool. My first instrument was the accordion at the age of 13. But after discovering the Beatles my life was led by only 1 vision: finding a great band and going to England. And if possible starting in Liverpool.

A teacher got me the "Beatles Complete" - music book, from which I taught myself the chords for the guitar. Since then, I have been somewhat at peace with my life. After having done the dishes, the kitchen turned into Lenny´s rehearsal room. Pots, pants and a huge double sink surrounded my little VOX - AMP, which powered my guitar as well as the microphone. Another troublemaker played the tambourine and tried his hand on the bongos. For many weeks we tried to cover the song " She loves you" by the Beatles, but then decided, we were better off writing our own stuff.

It took many years for me to open up to other bands, whose name did not start with a "B" - like the Beatles. Suddenly bands like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin became of more and more interest to me. Especially when I got my first car, with a sound-system more expensive than the car itself.

I spent a lot of time playing with hobby-musicians, who could not fulfill my need to play longer and more often. I kept ending up looking for new and better musicians on a monthly basis. I learned a lot about writing songs and pretty soon created my own vision, but at the same time, due to constant band changes, I was not able to get much experience performing live. After school, I studied to become a high class waiter...don´t ask me why.

Unfortunately, during an attempt to flambe the cherries, I burned the decorative Eagle hanging down from the ceiling! After that incident, I was not allowed to prepare food by the tables, which ment no more good tips, so I left! I then worked as a fruit salesman at an open-air market, became a truck driver delivering washing machines and refrigerators, and sold oriental carpets on the telephone. After selling only 1 carpet in two months I quit that as well. I ended up being a bouncer at a club called "Stairway" (not to heaven), which was owned by a friend of mine.

For years to come I have spent my life between a bunker* and a close-by place called "Golem", on Hamburgs flower-power street "Schulterblatt", which had the best vanilla tea with particular candies (sugar) with cosmic cookies to soothen the vocal chords, and little things to eat by candlelight. Unfortunately, the multi-culti "Schulterblatt" is losing its charm due to poor souls lost in drugs, putting a sad shadow over the street.

*A bunker is a building left over from World War II. , in which people used to take shelter, during the bombings. Since those building had no use anymore, they were very cheap to rent and good for loud music, since the walls are about 4 feet thick.

I did not know the meaning of discos and going out to dance. All I knew was playing the guitar and singing my ass off, taking odd jobs to survive, and hoping for my dream to become reality.

My last band in Germany was called "Funhouse", which was playing "Rolling Stones" meets "AC/DC" but with our own songs. The guitar player, Norbert Pape (founder of the top ten studio "Chateau du Pape" in Germany), was dealing with old tube microphones and all kinds of hard to find studio-equipment. His partner was a guy living in Los Angeles who passed on a demo-tape of several "Funhouse" songs to, as far as I know, Marty Wolff and the former A&R man from Electra Records, Roy Thomas Baker. Both, Marty and Roy came to Hamburg to check us out. Weeks passed by, nothing happened. Surprisingly Marty Wolff called my mother asking for me. Covering songs in English, but still not knowing what the hell I was saying, was the state of my English vocalbulary. Terribly excited, all I understood was:

"Me on plane going America"

A couple of weeks later I was on the plane flying to "Cali - fuckin` - fornia" - yahoo ! (1983) Marty must have lost his mind at times, having to deal with sign - language. (Thanx again, Marty )

I was living with his lovely family in his house for about 2 weeks. He introduced me to Bruce Gowdy and arranged the recording of 2 songs, with Andy Johns producing them. Then I went back to Hamburg and kept staring at the telephone.

A hundred thousand fingernails later, the ticket back to America arrived. Marty became my Manager. Several major labels were very excited about the 2 songs which made Marty, Bruce and me jump up and down on the "Mayflower" hotel bed in New York. Not knowing what the hell was going on, I was living something Jimi Hendrix called "Purple Haze". Guided by Marty we signed to MCA Records L.A. We formed "Stone Fury", which became a well - paid education.

The band was actually just Bruce Gowdy and myself, with a bunch of hired musicans. My favorite drummer, whom we had for only a short time, was Randy Costello, who left us to play drums for Ozzy Osbourne. A much better paid gig for him (no bad feelings). After "Stone Fury" had sold maybe 3 or 4 records, we were dropped by MCA Records. During the following months, I had learned the meaning of "Faith". I had locked myself in my apartment, being fed by my manager Marty and his family, and wrote songs with the "Mighty old man" looking over my shoulder. I ended up with lousy 4 - track demos, which needed a very profesional pair of ears to discover the goods in it.

My manager went shopping the tapes and America passed. Hope arrived through Derek Shulman (A&R Polygram Records, New York) who used to be a singer himself in a band called "Gentle Giant". He saw the potentcial and gave me a deal. He asked me to put a band together and introduced me to Bob Rock, who ended up producing the record with me.

1987 - the dream began, called - Kingdom Come - !!! Is it destiny, luck, good timing, hard work, is it God´s will or a combination of it all ??? In any case, I certainly learned to be grateful, and want to thank my fans for connecting with me - through the music.

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